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When I was a kid, on the best mornings, I woke up to the smell of coffee and the sound of men talking softly around the kitchen table. And every time someone new entered there was the quiet but joyful rush of energy as everyone acknowledged them.

This morning I opened my eyes to Larry, the guy in the bunk above me laying a quilt over me at a biker club house, the sound of guys chiding each other and the smell of coffee. Actually I remember hearing someone asking if anyone was hungry. Someone else said , yeah but I’m too tired to open my eyes. The original voice said, that’s ok I’ll bring a few plates up. Then zzzzzzzzz.

Bikers! This particular club house is full of Highwaymen, Custom Riders, Wingmen, Confederates, Syndicates and a few others. And the thick air of brotherly love and joyful joke telling is intoxicating.

At 5 A.M. I remember hitching my fingers into my friend Hitt’s back pocket and following him up the stairs to a bunk bed where I was gently laid to bed in a room with three other sleeping bikers.

Prior to that I arrived at the club house around 7 P.M., following a long exhausting run across the country. It was a joy to see my friend Harold Hitt and even better DJ my favorite “Ranger” showed up a few hours later.

I met DJ on the Hoka Hey race and we’ve been fast friends ever since. He tells wonderful stories! His best stories are actually about his four children and it’s not so much that they do unusual things but the love that shines from this man’s face when he talks about them is like honey. It drips out of his eyes and I could almost bottle it. His new child on the way has no idea how rich her/his life is going to be with a father like this.

Besides DJ and Hitt this club is full of rich colorful characters…

“Easy” is a sparkly entertaining story teller. Just my interpretation. Actually he’s a very tall, muscular man, he was US Navy and probably has a serious kick your ass side but he seems to find the fun in every subject. He draws a crowd and people enjoy being around him because he lightens the air.

“Larrio” from Kentucky is a super hero who has not yet discovered that he is a super hero. At 40 he’s still a bud, certainly a bud who has weathered a series of storms that would have crushed most people. But I can see the day is coming where he has gained the kind of insightful wisdom  that only hard learned lessons can teach you then he will recognize the powerful spirit of THOR in himself and be a force to be recogned with.

There are probably sixty bikers here and more coming in all the time. The women are just as welcoming as their men. Actually last night after I was welcomed by Hitt, I walked inside and Sara, apple faced with a big grin hugged me and said Hi and Welcome.

I’ve spent too much time in Los Angeles this year because I forgot how wonderful that is!

I used to tell people that when I drowned and returned home I remember that we breathed love sort of like fish breathe in water. In this club, bikers breathe in love. It’s heaven.


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