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Most of the friends I have will tell you that I have friends all over the country who do not know each other or see me often, but when they need something, I can be counted on to take the call.

So, I have a friend who was completely blindsided by a guy she had known in high school. She moved home to Plano, Texas from L.A., they became reacquainted and in short order were married. In the 33 days they were married, he backed a truck up to her business and stole every thing she owned including her financial records and customer business information, dumped his four hungry kids on her, emptied her bank accounts and broke her hip and arm.

Her new husbands brother was the police officer that showed up when she was beaten and he told her she was lucky she wasn’t arrested.

 The wolves were gathering for the kill, before she escaped back to Los Angeles.

 After I got the story, I asked a private investigator to look into this husband. He has a record as long as I am tall, 18 judgments, many, many aliases plus a judge in the pocket that his police officer older brother does not occupy. I’ve seen so many men and women get trounced and become one of the LA street people or the dead that I can’t even count them any more. This isn’t the America I grew up with.

Instead of Land of the Free, Home of the Brave,  America has become the home of the brave men who decide to become cops and judges just so they are then free to rape, pillage and support family members who rape and pillage other Americans. Very much like the people some of our forefathers left back in Europe.

I was born a sheepdog and I’m frustrated by the fact that wolves are running the chicken coop. Corruption is running unfettered in America. And it needs to be stopped. The use of public office, police uniforms and God as a convenient shroud to hide their putrid deeds needs to be stopped.

I know there are more sheepdogs than this in our society. America was built by sheepdogs. I can’t believe that the breeding of these sheepdogs has created sheep. In fact, I have a feeling there are more sheepdogs hiding in sheep’s clothing than there are wolves.

So my question is; Why are the sheepdogs hiding? Someone will stand with you if you just stand! Because the town of Plano, Texas and no doubt the rest of our country needs a good dog fight and a house cleaning.  











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