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I decided to stop talking about the Hoka Hey because it was a cluster fuck that was so sorted that I can’t imagine how I ended up there. It was a masquerade party of jokesters, fakers and pathetic Jerry Springer audience members. From Jon Compton who told me he worked for the Discovery Channel and that his brother was actor Sam Elliot (who refuses to acknowledge him as does Discovery) to Jim Durham/Redcloud who said he was a Navy Seal (nominee for Stolen Valor perhaps?) and from Homer Alaska he declared that he had to go kill a few people because the HA’s were after him (I just had to shrug at that one) ; to John White who smack talked the entire thing while secretly financially supporting it; to the flamer who brought his girlfriend along thinking no one would suspect; to the female version of the Jeri Springer host/wife of the emasculated male rider that has always remained nameless. And of course afterward the threats of harm by palerider57718@yahoo.com who claims to be a resident of Sturgis but her location is out of Black Hawk; to johncyn1@dslextreme.com location Palmdale, Ca. who was interested in asking about the HH because he said he was writing an article but then asked if I knew Harry Bostard. Odd that he should ask that. It’s not a secret of course we all know I have tons of video out there with HB but right here in the middle of the HH debachle? Odd. It all became so odd.

The riders were of course the saving grace and far too good for the cast of jokers who were putting this thing on. I have yet to see the footage I shot for nine thousand miles except as I was transfering it to the mac of the writer/director/camera man/actor/dj/used car salesman/plumber that was given the task of editing it. Nope I’m finished talking about it for now. It was one of those moves I made without council. Not one I would make again. Although now that I have council I’m not really finished talking about it.


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