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Chaos is something I dislike. Some people enjoy it, they create chaos because they feel normal there. I do not. I don’t know how anything gets accomplished with Chaos as a partner. I’ve been really lucky in my life. I’ve worked with some very accomplished people, learned what they were willing to teach and have become someone known for being the fire-stomper to get it done. Everybody, anybody who has come into contact with me knows I don’t beat around the bush, I’m straight and to the point and I can be trusted. They also know I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.

The Hoka Hey Challenge was created to bring awareness to the world about the contaminated water on the Pine Ridge Reservation and surrounding areas. It was created to remind us that there are military veterans on that same reservation who still wait for their American brothers and sisters to hold out a hand. It is not about me or any one of the organizers or the participants. Yes, the controversy drives the press in the right direction and I think this is a good thing because it brings more eyes to the subject. But the fire storm of misinformation is absolutely absurd.

Newspaper reporters such as Sean Pearson from the Homer Tribune who obviously got his misinformation from the Rapid City Journal. And Ruth Brown the “reporter” who not only was allowed to publish the rantings of a disturbed women but did so without actually checking the facts had me shaking my head. The National inquirer is probably the best paper for this women to submit to although I’m not sure she would actually be excepted by them unless and until she discovers the rules of punctuation and spell check.

I am exhausted by the ride, I haven’t had a moment to slow down and take stock, my intentions and ethics are questioned at every turn, the people who are normally part of my team are not here and I’m constantly scratching my head at the chaos everyone seems to want to bathe in. But as far as being right here in the middle of the action I have to say…Bravo to Beth and Jim for pulling this off!

This grass-roots effort by a very frustrated Jim Red Cloud, a Vietnam vet to bring attention first to a water problem in his home town and then to the lack of care for the hundreds of military veterans in his community has been a tremendous success. Jim Red Cloud took two years of his time and two hundred thousand dollars of his own money to create an interesting marketing tool in order to stop the deaths of his friends and neighbors. He is so passionate about his community, so frustrated with the inaction of his government state and local to fix this problem that he threw himself into the fore front of a firestorm. Anytime you choose to speak out you will be hammered. You will have people shooting at you. We all know this and it makes most people cower and run for cover. Not Jim Red Cloud. Thank God he had such a harsh upbringing. Thank God he was a throwaway child because only someone who has pulled themselves up after a beating has the strength to withstand the firestorm Jim Red Cloud finds himself in.

I have always found it odd that sheep require a guard dog to keep the wolves at bay and yet if that dog is bitten by the wolf the sheep will turn on the guard dog. They won’t do it alone because they don’t have the guts for that but they will behave like a pack and destroy their own protector. Thereby destroying themselves in the process.

I’m normally not disturbed by what people say because I can’t change direction based on the accounting of one guy because in a few moments someone else will be along and they will have a differing opinion and then I’ll have to change again. Annoying, tiresome and ridiculous. Right now I find myself dancing with the idiosyncrasies of the players, some so absurd that I feel like I’m in a cartoon.

But I never forget it’s about veterans and the water. It’s about the Americans who want to live forever and raise healthy children. It’s about the mother who would love to bathe her child during the winter when the snow is four feet deep and not have to carry her children outside through the snow to take them to the toilet. It’s about the woman who lives in a one room shed with two daughters and no running water, no heat and a roof that is not a roof at all but some plywood tapped into the ceiling to keep the water out. And it’s about her oldest daughter, a United States Marine who didn’t join because she was looking for a home with warm air and running water but because she believed in the ideals of this country. That all men and woman are created equal. T (more…)


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Sometimes I feel like a lone wolf barking in the wind. Americans are dying…americans are dying...americans are dying
And someone yells out the door…”Shut up! Go sit down! Bad girl!

And I continue to bark, and sometimes I grab the closest pant leg and get a kick for my efforts. “Stop it! Sit! Stay!”

Americans are dying in South Dakota. The aquafer near Pine Ridge is contaminated with Uranium and people are dying. Many of the homes have no water and people are dying. I am not crying wolf…but I am crying. When is someone going to listen?

We don’t need to point fingers. It doesn’t matter anymore why and how it got this way. At this moment Americans are dying. In our very rich, proud and powerful nation our people, my people are dying! We need to fix it. Just like the day I rode my motorcycle to help in the aftermath of Katrina and lived on her for two months while I lent a helping hand to every black, white, two-legged, four-legged American I could find; I am here my hands stretched out to help every red, white, two-legged, four-legged American I can find.

I need your help. I can’t do it alone. Lets put our heads together in a very organic and human way the way we always have and fight this problem because as Americans that’s what we do.

America is the only country in the history of the world to defeat a superpower and inturn came a superpower. It says a lot about us as people. If we can do that, we can fix this.

Help me!

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