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Bikers, you either are one, know one or want to be one. Whatever you call them, cowboys, rough necks or roustabouts.  They are the architects, the framers and the builders of our nation. Look at the type of men and women who ride free in this nation. Many of them with military service under their belts. They work hard, have a can do attitude and can be depended on no matter what their stake in life. They are found in every occupation, every race, every faith and on any city street in the United States.

It’s a life style, it’s a mind-set, it’s a place where  only the bold dare go. And Thank God, America is full of these people, born from the pioneer spirit that helped their ancestors carve out this nation. Do they all have motorcycles? No. But they all share a common desire to be more than they can be while living their own path without unfair policies of governments or kings that infringe on their human rights and dignity.


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Hello world!

Welcome to Road To Sturgis! My name is Alystar McKenneh , I work in the film industry and when I’m not working on a movie, I ride.

Follow Me! Starting April 3, 2010 I’m riding 10,000 miles around America to create excitement, build a market and raise money for the production of a feature film called “Road to Sturgis” to be filmed later this year.

During the “Searching for America” ride we will broadcast an exciting web series as well as streaming video with the ability to interact with a world-wide audience via live chat. In 10,000 miles, we can touch tens of millions of people across the globe.

If more Americans could experience the America I have seen from the back of my motorcycle they would celebrate their nationalism because they would know that America is still a safe and welcoming place. People want to see the America we all believe in. It is still here. I’ll show you.

Follow Me.

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